Nations Capital Independence Celebration Sponsorship from PNGTPA

PNG Tourism Promotion Authority supports NCDC's Amazing Port Moresby's 44th Independence Festival


National Capital Independence Celebration Sponsorship from PNGTPA 

PAPUA New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority (PNGTPA) is delighted to sponsor and give support towards the Amazing Port Moresby 44th Independence Festival with activities that will be staged from the 14th to 16th September in Port Moresby, the nation's capital. 

PNGTPA is supporting the Independence Day initiative by the NCDC and Office of the Governor of NCD, Hon. Powes Parkop with a sponsorship of K41,000 and K14,000 towards cultural group performances and transportation involved in the event. 

There will be cultural performances, contemporary performing artists and various demonstrations and displays promoting 44 years of PNG's Independence since September 16th 1975.  

NCD is a central hub and capital city comprising of International residents, visitors and locals who are from all over Papua New Guinea.  The NCDC destination campaign 'Amazing Port Moresby' is a positive tribute to a city that is home to over half-a-million people with many travel and tourism opportunities.   

"Independence is an important time to reflect on on our journey as a nation and remind ourselves that we are Papua New Guineans who contribute to Nation Building.  Our attitudes, family and work ethic must reflect on bringing about a positive change.  We are all agents of change," said PNGTPA director marketing Alice Kuaningi during the sponsorship presentation.  

"Visitors come to Papua New Guinea to experience our unique cultures, tradition, way of life and try out some of our unique tourism products from the marine environment to the coast to the lush rain-forest of the mountains" 

"Whilst we celebrate Independence, count the many blessings we have.  For challenges and issues, we must ask ourselves how we as Papua New Guineans can contribute to bring about positive change," Ms. Kuaningi further added. 

The PNGTPA extends its appreciation to the NCDC for continuing to organize campaign events like the Amazing Port Moresby 44th Independence Festival for residents and visitors.  

The board, management and staff of PNGTPA wish the nation of Papua New Guinea a 'Happy 44th Independence Anniversary'.  

For updates and information about Independence celebrations taking place in the country, follow the PNG Tourism Promotion Authority on social media using the hashtags #PNGTourism and #VisitPNG


For further information about the Amazing Port Moresby 44th Independence Festival, contact Mariana Silva: email [email protected] or phone +675 7140-5223 | Visit the Amazing Port Moresby website: 

PNGTPA director marketing Ms. Alice Kuaningi with NCDC Governor Hon. Powes Parkop at the Amazing Port Moresby 44th Independence Festival Launch.
The Sponsors Launch of the Amazing Port Moresby 44th Independence Festival.
Amazing Port Moresby 44th Independence Festival | 14-16 September 2019