Visa Requirements For US Travellers

Things to do before entering PNG

To enter Papua New Guinea, you must have a passport that is valid for at least six months from the date of intended travel, an onward/return airline ticket, and proof of sufficient funds. You may obtain a tourist visa (valid for stays of up to 60 days, with extensions available for an additional 30 days) and single-entry business visas (valid for stays of up to 30 days) when you arrive at Jacksons International Airport in Port Moresby. You must apply for a visa in advance if you are traveling for reasons other than business or tourism. Visit the Embassy of Papua New Guinea website and the Papua New Guinea Immigration website for the most current visa information.

If you transit other countries en route to PNG, please follow all necessary exit/entry procedures for the countries that you transit. You may need to obtain visas or travel authorizations for some of those countries. If you anticipate transiting or visiting Australia, we advise you to obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) for Australia before leaving the United States


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