TPA Works Towards a Tourism Satellite Account

Tourism Promotion Authority met with the National Statistical Office, Bank of Papua New Guinea and Internal Revenue Commission to develop a Tourism Satellite Account for PNG.



TPA Partners with NSO, BPNG and IRC to Develop Papua New Guinea's First Tourism Satellite Account 

The TSA Technical Working Group from the PNG Tourism Promotion Authority (TPA), National Statistical Office (NSO), Bank of PNG and the Internal Revenue Commission (IRC) met for the first time on Tuesday this week at the TPA office to discuss the importance of developing a TSA for Papua New Guinea.

Tourism Satellite Account (TSA) is the standard United Nations (UN), approved method of measuring the direct contribution of tourism consumption to a national economy and TPA will lead the technical working group to implement this project next year.  TPA is a member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). 

The CEO of the PNG Tourism Promotion Authority, Mr. Eric Mossman Uvovo while welcoming the group said, even though PNG’s tourism industry is small, tourism will play a significant and increasing role in the economy of Papua New Guinea, and unlike industries such as agriculture, mining, fisheries and forest, tourism has not been explicitly measured in the official economic statistics to identify tourism’s contribution to the GDP and compare with other economic sectors. Therefore, the development of TSA is vital for Papua New Guinea, so that reliable data on the impact of tourism on the economy and employment can be measured effectively going forward.

The National Statistical Office (NSO) will play the leading role in producing the TSA for Papua New Guinea, while the TSA Technical Working Group will meet on a monthly basis to coordinate and monitor the progress and provide support during the implementation process.  


TSA Technical Working Group at the TPA Office in Port Moresby.

Image: The Tourism Satellite Account (TSA) Working Group at the TPA Office, comprising of representatives from National Statistical Office, Bank of Papua New Guinea and Internal Revenue Commission. 


For further information about the TSA Working Group, email: [email protected]  

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