Tourism Awareness Buses


PNG's Tourism Industry is often described as a sleeping giant, however, much of the government's attention was given to the non-renewable sector and tourism was not recognized as one of the key sustainable economic sectors, even though Tourism is recognized as a major contributor to the global economy.

For the past years, Tourism Awareness campaigns were driven by PNGTPA throughout the country through various mediums but given the limited budget and vast topography of PNG, much have not been achieved or covered as it is intended and most of the Papua New Guineans are not aware of the importance of tourism.

Therefore, this year much of the concentration was given to awareness activities and Bus Decal Designs is one of the many projects that PNGTPA is undertaking this year. PNGTPA has engaged number of buses in NCD to carry the awareness message as " TOURISM IS EVERYONE'S BUSINESS".  

This is because Tourism cross-cuts across all sectors and that anyone can participate in this sector and it is said to be the world's largest employer. It plays a crucial role in world economics and has a significant impact on many people's lives. Tourism encourages pride in local traditions and support local SMEs’. Tourism brings income to the local communities and supports employment.

The artwork depicted on these buses shows how our local SME'S and the local community can participate to benefit from the tourism dollars.

Article By: Wilfred Parker

Product Development Officer

PNG Tourism Promotion Authority