Surfing Association of PNG Supports Skateboarding Program

SAPNG and Skateboarding PNG Join Forces to Promote Youth Sport and Life Skills


Surfing Association of PNG Supports Skateboarding Program 

As the Surfing Association Papua New Guinea Inc (SAPNG) marks 31 years since its foundation, another new and exciting chapter in the evolution of its history is being made with Skateboarding PNG, headed by its President Ms Victoria Hudson, a passionate surfer and skateboarder and former Port Moresby International High School Music teacher joining forces to boost its social impact policies.

Skateboarding PNG, recently held a week long program of ‘skate & create’ with the local youth of Taurama, National Capital District - as well as visiting youth from Life Care P.N.G. at Pyramid Board Riders Club (PBRC), an affiliated surf club of the Surfing Association Papua New Guinea (SAPNG) located at Rabesi Beach, Madaii on the western side of Taurama point. The Pyramid Board Riders Club is one of eleven affiliated surf clubs of the SAPNG and is located at the private property of Mrs Pamela Solien.

Ms Victoria Hudson of Skateboarding PNG, said the workshops delivered last week, were based upon the Skate & Create model that pioneered the internationally recognised and celebrated skateboarding Charity, ‘Skateistan’. The Skate & Create program model is accessible to all levels of literacy and ability and is a program that aims to build life skills through a balance of social sports and structured learning.

Moreover, Ms Hudson said the program at Taurama last week involved learning about plastic pollution in our oceans, a clean up of the beach at Taurama and a recycling project using collected ‘rubbish’ to create a hanging garden. Both female and male youth participants were engaged equally in the workshops and approximately 100 youth were engaged throughout the week. We hope to expand this skateboarding/education program throughout Papua New Guinea complementing the SAPNG model and policies through its extensive network in coastal communities.

SAPNG  President and Co- Founder , Andrew C.Abel, ML on behalf of SAPNG Secretary Sylvia Pascoe and Skateboarding PNG Victoria Hudson emphasized that in addition to the inclusion of the skateboard ramp, they are currently working on the fit-out of a repurposed 20 foot shipping container-turned library, that will support the local community by providing literacy materials and study resources for the local youth to access in line with SAPNG “No School- No Surf” Education Policy.

The aim is to expand this surfing/skateboarding/resource centre model at all SAPNG affiliated surf clubs throughout Papua New Guinea, thus empowering the young male and female aspiring surfers to not only embrace skateboarding which will enhance their surfing skills, but also take on greater responsibility in embracing SAPNG “ Pink Nose Revolution Surf Board “ policy in addressing gender based violence and empowerment of women in lieu of access to these facilities.

Mr Abel also stated that these community social impact policies and facilities that it is rolling out around the nation in all its eleven affiliated surf clubs - including latest Pokpok Surf Club in Central Bougainville, is empowering the surfing communities that have embraced the SAPNG  Model and policies, and will over time, see young people taking on greater responsibilities in their communities to not only improve their own personal lives, but more significantly, contribute to collectively bringing about long term sustainable and equitable change in communities where youth have been left to fend for themselves, thus leading to crime and increasing social problems.


SAPNG and Skateboarding PNG
Surfing Association of PNG and Skateboarding PNG Members at Taurama. 

Image: Youth from Life Care P.N.G. with SAPNG and Skateboarding PNG founders. Pyramid Board Riders Club, NCD. Courtesy of SAPNG. 


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Visit to donate and/or support the future delivery of programs to the youth of P.N.G. You can purchase skateboarding apparel that has been designed by the local youth of Taurama through the online store.