The Sogeri Plateau and its Surrounds



For a network of trails, grassy picnic areas and shelters with barbecues spend a day or weekend at the Varirata National Park.

Covering 1,000 hectares, Varirata was the original hunting grounds of its tree-house dwelling landowners and is habitat to our symbol of national pride, the bird-of-paradise. Keep and eye out for wallabies, deer and other suitably timid rainforest creatures during your brush with nature.

The Sogeri Plateau sits high above the Central plains about 46km from Port Moresby. The winding highway climbs 800m past the magnificent Rouna Falls and spectacular rock formations; remains of an ancient volcano that erupted sideways into extinction long, long ago. In Sogeri you’ll find the starting point of the rugged Kokoda Track* as well as a quaint famer’s market and an intersection leading to Varirata and Crystal Rapids, where you can picnic and swim for a small fee.

*A short day walk can be done on the first part of the trail from Owers Corner to Imita Ridge. For more details on trekking Kokoda visit Northern (Oro) province.