Request for Expression of Interest

Development of Crisis Management Strategy

Request for Expression of Interest 

Development of Crisis Management Strategy 



The PNG Tourism Promotion Authority is the lead agency in the development and growth of the tourism industry in Papua New Guinea. The organization also has a responsibility to facilitate the interest of the government and its tourism industry operators.
With the constant global changes in the business environment, climate change and so forth it is important that PNGTPA must have a Crisis Management Strategy. The strategic plan aims to manage effectively response to any form of crisis to protect the profile of the organization, government and its tourism industry associations and operators.
PNG is regarded as an adventure destination, these adventure activities of birding, diving, fishing, surfing, trekking, etc., are located in the remote parts of the country. Generally, PNG's geographical setting is very challenging and this can make it very difficult for PNGTPA and the tourism industry operators to respond effectively. Having a Crisis Management Strategy can assist provide guidance and assistance to management for its preparedness, response and recovery after any crisis.


This project aims to prepare a sound strategy in line with the National Tourism Plan 2020 to identify, manage and mitigate crises situations or risks faced in the tourism industry of PNG.
The study will need to take into account areas of possible tourism crises faced by the industry whether it be a natural disaster, man-made or of a more complex scenario. A logical framework of level of risks and crises must be outlined clearly to take into account resolutions or recovery at every level of managing crisis situations.
Given the geographical setting of PNG, the study must take into consideration remote and rural areas of Papua New Guinea who receive visitors to very active or hot spots of tourism products, attractions and experiences in any given area. 

This study will need to: 

•    Document tourism crises at different levels preparedness, management and response;
•    Review existing crisis management plans and strategies in the country and the Region that can be most adaptive to PNG's condition;
•    Document analysis of tourism products to identify levels of recovery in a crisis;
•    Identify potential development opportunities and constraints from risks or crises that may arise;
•    Develop strategies and action plans for recovery and relief;
•    Prepare a budgeted implementation program.

The study should specifically identify different crisis, whether man made or natural, faced by the product owners and operators and develop an action plan to address with short to medium term action plans. 
The major output from the project will be a written final Crisis Management Strategy; the Strategy should be presented as a Draft to Stakeholders in PNG and finalized following comments from tourism industry stakeholders. It is anticipated the project will be completed within a period of three months. 



The consultant is required to: 

•    Outline the purpose of the project and its objectives
•    Provide a background information of Tourism Crisis at different levels
•    Conduct online survey of tourism products/owners and operators challenges in remote areas
•    Formulate questions for online survey
•    Meet with GOPNG departments such as NDO, NICTA, DNPM, TIA plus other relevant agencies and partners
•    Assess accessibility to these remote and rural areas in PNG and how information can reach these locations in a time of crisis
•    Propose methods for the extraction of international tourist in the event of a natural disaster OR provide action plans for the integration of tourist and communities in an event of a complex crisis.
•    Identify and create active industry partners to participate in the study
•    Conduct one on one meetings with different stakeholder partners and operators to gauge views on crisis faced at different levels

•    Prepare action plans for review by the industry
•    Use of infographics to clearly demonstrate recovery processes
•    Clear steps involved in recovery processes
•    Develop a strategy action plan for use by PNGTPA and its partners to combat crises faced 

This strategy plan under managing crisis situations faced in the tourism industry would be the first document to develop. Hence, it requires essential and effective plans yet simple and precise for both the PNGTPA and the industry members to use. 



The Consultant will provide technical, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) support for the duration of the work per timeframe specified. Specifically, the Consultant will provide the services required in support of framework implemented, technical advice and guidance. 
When the study is completed, PNGTPA aims to observe the following achieved: 

•    Knowledge and skills developed to identify crisis / risks in tourism businesses
•    Process of forming a crisis communications team
•    Action Plan on the 'know how' to handle crises
•    Know who are key players in the resolution processes
•    Resolution process of a crises
•    Recovery stages after a downfaII
•    Post-crisis analysis 



The Tourism Promotion Authority (TPA) now invites eligible consulting firms (''Consultants'') to indicate their interest in providing the service. Interested Consultants should provide information demonstrating they have the required qualifications and relevant experience to perform the service. Specifically, the Expression of Interest (EOI) must provide the following information: 

•    Letter of Interest
•    Detailed description of the consulting firms background, core business, years in operation, services provided to date. 

•    Proposed organizational chart of team, team leader(s), list of team members and their roles, and evidence of the team members' relevant expertise for this assignment.
•    Summary of the workplan to achieve the assignment.
•    A description of the current work load and overall staffing capacity for this project.
•    At least three (3) reference contacts and complete contact information of the reference.
•    Any other relevant information on expertise and/or other unique qualifications for this project. 



The following shall form the minimum qualification criteria for consideration and evaluation:
•    Sound experience with relevant projects of a similar scope.
•    Strong communication and report-writing skills in English.
•    Capacity of firm (including personnel) to provide service.
•    Expertise of the team include: Project management, cultural heritage and tourism knowledge, M&E skills and strategy.


It is expected that the proposal for the development of the Crisis Management Strategy Plan be received by 19th of June, 2020 at 1600 hours. 
Timeline on duration of the project is outlined as per below: 

Order Action Time Required
1 TOR Circulated 3rd June, 2020
2 Proposal's submitted to PNGTPA 19th June, 2020
3 Final selection of PNGTPA 26th June, 2020
4 Commencement 30th June, 2020
5 Final Report / Completion 30th September, 2020


No Activity Cost
1 Technical Assistance - Consultant Fee K8,000.00

Miscellaneous (Internet and phone bills, transport, etc.)

  TOTAL K10,000.00








All correspondents and communication including requesting for detailed scope of works and other relevant information can be directed to:
The Project Officer
Ms Mary Kanawi
Phone: +675 320 0211
Email: [email protected] 



Chief Executive Officer 
Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority MMI Building, Champion Parade 
PO Box 1291 
Papua New Guinea 



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