Provincial Coordination and Product Development


The implementation arm of our organisation 

The Provincial Coordination and Product Development division was created in 2016 and is the mouth piece of our organisation. This division is responsible for conducting awareness on tourism products, liaising with provincial governments to improve tourism and evaluating tourism products and services.

Director: Mr Heni Dembis

Current tasks under this division include: 

All Tourism Product Development in Papua New Guinea                                                    

  • Scoping potential tourism products
  • Assessing existing tourism products
  • Conducting product development training and awareness
  • General tourism awareness
  • Liaising with stakeholders to identify new tourism products

Coordination of active Provincial Tourism Offices and Bureaus in Papua New Guinea

  • Liaising with tourism offices and bureaus 
  • Working with Provincial Administrators to identify and develop iconic tourism products in the provinces
  • Assisting provincial governments who wish to create tourism bureaus
  • Developing and executing Memorandums of Understanding with provincial administrators and tourism offices to develop tourism in the provinces and districts