PNG TPA Conducts Agritourism Workshop

The Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Office coordinated a workshop on Agritourism, with the view to promote linkages in the Agri-food and Agritourism sectors in Port Moresby on May 27-28.

Tourism is a sector that has potential to strengthen the agriculture sector through agritourism and increasing demand for consistent access to quality local produce by tourism operators.

Participants included farmers, tourism operators- accommodation and restaurant, academic institutions including APTC and University of PNG, Chamber of Commerce, and Government agencies such as Tourism, Agriculture and Trade. The workshop was an opportunity for agriculture, tourism and trade sectors to discuss priorities, challenges and opportunities for a National Agritourism Policy. Work on the Policy will be led by the Tourism Promotion Authority working with local stakeholders and supported by  CTA, PIPSO, SPC, SPTO and HACCP Australia.