PNGTPA continues to churn out new campaigns all fixed on the promotion and branding of Papua New Guinea.

With the premise of Social Media as the fastest and now biggest marketing entity on the planet, PNGTPA is now focusing on harnessing this power to further its campaigns.

Listed are a few of the campaigns that are currently running.  

Boldly go PNG

Boldly Go PNG is an online marketing campaign that was launched in early 2018. The main focus of this campaign is to bring prominence to various destinations within PNG while combating the ill effects of bad local and international publicity.


Do Kokoda

More than any other experience in PNG, walking the Kokoda has become something of a ‘bucket list’ item for the tourist markets mainly in Australia and New Zealand with a growing number coming from Japan all mainly due to the historical significance that the track has with said countries. Scores come to the track annually, a few dozen at a time to walk the 96km path.

This campaign focuses on maintaining the current status quo while encouraging more trackers and adventurers to ‘do the Kokoda.’


Snap, Share and Win

Snap, share and win known on social media as ‘SnapShareWin’ is a recent campaign that was launched in 2018. It is an interactive campaign built around the idea of social or customer inclusion. The Authority came up with the competition to encourage individuals to participate by sending in pictures based on a PNGTPA given criterion. So far, the campaign has been well received and the Facebook entity is fast gaining popularity.