Common Phrases

What is your name? - Wanem nem bilong yu?
Who are you?  - Yu whosait?
My name is (Joe) -  Nem bilong mi (Joe)
Thank you very much - tenk yu tru(e)
No thank you - sori nogut
How are you? - yu orait ? (you alright) 
I’m fine - mi orait tasol
How much is that? - em hamas?
How much is this? - dispela em hamas?
I’d like one please - mi laikim wanpela plis 
I would like to go to the (Airport)  - mi laik go long Airport
Can you come with me? - inap yu kam wantaim mi?
No, I don’t want to do this/thatsori, mi less
Please, can you help me with this? - plis, inap ya halivim mi wantaim dispela samting?
What is that? - em wanem?
That is/was very good - em i gutpela stret!
That is/was bad! - em no gut
Where are you from?yu bilong wanem hap?
I’m from (Australia) - mi bilong Australia
I’d like lots please - mi laikim planti plis
I need a rest - mi laik malolo liklik


lukim yu - see you later 

ketch (slang) -  see you later

plis  - please
sori - sorry
wanem - what
Dispela - this
nogut - no
em nau - yes/that’s right
bagarup - broken
meri - woman/girl
Haus meri - housekeeper
liklik pikinini meri - little girl
Man- man 
boy - boi
sista/brata - sister/brother (can also denote cousins or friends)
mama/papa - mother/father
bubu - grand person / Older family
Aunty/uncle - respectful term for other adults/wantoks
Pikinini - child/children
malolo - rest/sleep/holiday
silip - sleep
Haus - house
raus/rausim - remove/throw out
itambu - forbidden
sindaun - sit down
sanap - stand up
dring - drink/drinking
kaikai - food
kaibar - place to buy food
Laikim - like/ would like
wantaim - together, with
halivim - help
noken - do not
no i nap - not enough, I can’t
inap - enough, can
risit - receipt
pulap - full up/full
yu - you
mi - me
em - him / her / it / that
blong, bilonglong belong
liklik - little
bikpela - big
planti - plenty, lots
pinis - finished


Wanpela/wanpla 1
Toopela/toopla 2
Tripela/tripla 3
Forpela/forpla 4