Highs and Lows of our Tourism Events Calendar

The 2021 tourism calendar is out, why not experience a PNG festival in the new year?

The 2021 Tourism Calendar of Events 

THE beginning of 2020 was the most challenging year for tourism in Papua New Guinea and across the globe.  Especially with border closures, travel restrictions, cancelled bookings and a multitude of issues that severely hurt our tourism industry. 

However, in the last quarter of the year in Papua New Guinea, event organizers in our tourism industry have sought ways to still bring people together in a safe and comfortable environment to celebrate, share common interests and enjoy life.  

“If there is ever an industry as hopeful and resilient, it is our Papua New Guinean tourism industry,” said TPA CEO Mr. Eric Mossman Uvovo.  He added, “PNG is a challenging place to do business and the tourism industry have survived it all, even this COVID-19 pandemic.  Our people are still traveling and spending money within the economy.  This is the result of our tourism industry working together”. 

Independence celebrations, craft markets, cultural performances and a variety of other events took place without issues.  Events like the Karimui Show in SimbuBreak Free PNG Boera Experience, Sogeri Pineapple Festival in the Central Province and the Sepik Culture and Agriculture Show revived the nation’s event scene, proving people in PNG could still come together to celebrate even in the shadow of a global pandemic. 

A slew of events are expected for the 2021 Tourism Events Calendar.  Event organizers are offering PNG residents and visitors the opportunity to be a part of their special celebrations.  Click on the Cultural Show Calendar and Industry Events Calendar on the TPA website.  

Next year in 2021, experience something new and exciting like a cultural show.  Paint your face another tribal color, dance the Weipa at the Hagen Show, witness a sacred dance at the National Mask Festival and Warwagira, paddle with warriors in a war canoe at the National Kenu and Kundu Festival, pet a live ‘pukpuk’ at the Sepik River Crocodile and Arts Festival, or sample the world’s best tasting coffee at the Goroka Show, there is literally so much to see and do in the land of a million different journeys.  


For further information about the 2021 Events Calendar, email: [email protected]