Karkar Island Bilum Festival

The 4th Karkar Island Bilum Festival will be be held at Taur Sportsground on Karkar Island,  Madang Province - promoting the theme: "My culture. My identity. My pride.

Highlights of the festival include: traditional bilum pageant, singsings, live string bands, cultural knowledge showcase such as displays of bilum weaving, artwork and Karkar Island artefacts. 

Meet the women of Karkar Island who are known throughout the region for their traditional bilum weaving skills.  On display will be beautiful traditional bilums that follow cultural and modern designs.

Karkar Island is located 30km from the Madang Province mainland and is home to about 70,000 people. 

Local transport is available to take festival goers to the event.  Festival organizer's advise visitors to take the number 17 bus from the Madang Town, Puma Station to Kubugam boat shed (bus fare is about 7 Kina).  From Kubugam take a 40 minute dinghy boat ride across to Karkar Island (30 Kina per person). 

For bookings and further information contact Mr. Pholas Yongole, email: [email protected] or call: +675 7254-3382 / 7085-1831 / 7372-1549 / 7942-4777

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