Tourist Attractions

  • It appears that despite the geographic features of Papua New Guinea, no rock climbing tourism venture exists. A rock climbing enterprise would require expertly staffed and certified instructors and would require link-ups with accommodation and transport providers. Given that trekking is so popular in Papua New Guinea it is likely that rock climbing could also add value before or after a trek.


  • Mountain biking is a growing sub-sector of adventure tourism. Keen mountain bikers tend to be young, adventurous and affluent. This niche is willing to travel the world to find challenging and exciting trails. Investors may choose to negotiate with an existing small provider to expand the business or develop a product covering a different region or regions.


  • Expatriates working in Papua New Guinea tend to return home for holidays. This includes ‘fly in, fly out’ workers who may be in Papua New Guinea for two to four weeks before being flown home for a break. There are opportunities to provide well-crafted and attractive deals to encourage these workers to enjoy the attractions Papua New Guinea has to offer. Packages could be offered for individuals, couples, groups of friends, family groups and so on. Ideally packages will see family and friends travelling to Papua New Guinea to join in with a leisure pursuit rather than having the worker family member fly back.


  • Visitors to Port Moresby often have time on their hands and are keen for activities in a secure, controlled environment. An investor could set up a water sport school offering sailing instruction, windsurfing and kite surfing tuition, in addition to equipment rental.