Birdwatching in Western


Every visitor to Western province will talk about the birds, whether you are a birdwatcher or not.

Over 50 per cent of Papua New Guinea’s total bird population is waiting to be spotted by you in the eco-regions of Western Province. At Balimo, along the Aramia flood plains, you’ll see Pelicans, Hornbills, Eagles, Birds of Paradise, and Parrots. Some birders have reported twelve-wired Bird of Paradise, Flame Bower Bird, Southern Crowned Pigeon, Southern Cassowary, Little Paradise Kingfisher, Great billed Heron, Hawk Owl, Painted Quail-thrush, Black Sided Robin, King Bird of Paradise, Black Faced Monarch, Emerald Ground Dove, Superb Pitta and a host of migratory birds.

If you’re here for the birds, you must visit the Morehead and Nomad or Lake Murray Areas and don’t miss Bensbach at the Bensbach Wildlife Lodge.