Our Accommodation Classification System

Our accommodation classification system is our way of ensuring uniformity in accommodation standards across the country.

While this is its main purpose, the classing system also acts as a guide for potential accommodation service providers that are interested in participating in tourism oriented business activities.

Any accommodation entity can participate in the accreditation process on a voluntary basis.

How it works

All it takes is for you to volunteer your accommodation business to PNGTPA’s ACS by signing an ACS standard agreement form and meeting the one off registration fee.

Upon this agreement, PNGTPA dispatches an Accreditation Officer to your accommodation business for an initial inspection. From this inspection, your accommodation is classed according to PNGTPA’s classification system, thus branding you entity a TPA accredited service provider.


The benefits of joining our ACS include; getting industry sound feedback from PNGTPA for self-improvement, being included in PNGTPA promotional content such as newsletters, magazines and brochures and your business will become an entity marketable to the world under the PNGTPA brand.

The two main exercises involved in this system

  1. The Accreditation Process - Every business that joins enters into an agreement with PNGTPA to operate and abide by the terms of the PNG Tourism Industry Code of Practice.  Accreditation to the system is achieved and maintained by annual inspections by us.
  1. The National Visitor Survey - TPA undertakes regular surveys of visitors and travelers within Papua New Guinea.  These surveys enable our visitors to record their impressions and experiences of every aspect of their stay allowing TPA to make recommendations on how your business can perform better and thus be better.


For further information email our Policy & Planning Division, email: [email protected]