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Accommodation Accreditation Scheme
The PNG Tourism Promotion Authority, as the lead agency responsible for tourism development in PNG, has initiated the development of a quality assurance programme especially for the accommodation sector, called the Accommodation Accreditation Scheme.

Its purpose is to help raise the standard of accommodation by setting specific minimum requirements, thereby helping to ensure that customers get value for money, and it also gives customers some level of confidence and assurance when dealing with accommodation providers.

The Accommodation Accreditation Scheme is voluntary and encourages accommodation facility owners/ operators to consider joining it, working in partnership to develop a competitive and exceptional tourism industry.

The Scheme has been developed by the PNG Tourism Promotion Authority in consultation with industry working groups and associations representing the hospitality and wider tourism sectors.

The Way the Scheme Works

 The Scheme is controlled and administered on a day-to-day basis by the TPA, which is responsible for its two major components.

These two components are the accreditation processes itself and the national visitor survey programme.

1. The Accreditation Process - Membership in the Scheme is voluntary, but every business that joins will enter into an agreement with the TPA to operate and abide by the terms of the PNG Tourism Industry Code of Practice.  Accreditation to the Scheme is achieved and maintained by annual inspection by the TPA.

2. The National Visitor Survey Programme - The TPA undertakes regular surveys of visitors and travelers within Papua New Guinea.  These surveys enable our visitors to record their impressions and experiences of every aspect of their stay, including accommodation, transport, eating, shopping, sightseeing, tours, attractions and other activities. 

Who Can Join?

In the accommodation sector, membership of the Scheme will be available to operators in every accommodation category:

Primary Category 
 Hotels     Hotel
Apartment Hotel
Luxury Lodge
 Self-Catering     Motel
Apartment or villa complex                         
Holiday rental
Guesthouses and hosted
    Bed & Breakfast
Guesthouse and lodge
 Backpackers/budget     Backpacker accommodation  and hostel         
Traditional and informal accommodation        
    Village guesthouse

There are six (6) Accommodation Accreditation Categories that the TPA has developed guidelines for minimum criteria and expectations for accreditation:

Category 1: Hotels

Category 2: Self-catering Accommodation

Category 3: Guesthouses & Hosted

Category 4: Backpackers / Budget Accommodation

Category 5: Traditional and Informal Accommodation

Category 6: Trekker Accommodation