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Papua New Guinea Tours

Nature Tours - discover the spectacular natural beauty of PNG

The spectacular natural beauty of Papua New Guinea awaits the keen natural adventurer. We have tour operators who can arrange guided tours around Papua New Guinea to see the impressive variety of exotic birds, including virtually all of the known species of birds of paradise, the diverse plant species, cascading waterfalls, lush rainforests, an active volcano...even a climb on one of the mountains that soars over 5,000 meters. This mountain creates a myriad of micro climates and an astonishing diversity of plants and animals, with the range of vegetation including mangrove forests, lowland rainforest, alpine vegetation, grassland and savanna woodland. These forests have a wide variety of different habitats.

Papua New Guinea is geographically remote with some of the most stunning natural scenery anywhere. The country has areas that are described as biodiversity hotspots. Papua New Guinea has 11,000 known species of vascular plants, 200 species of ferns and over 1,200 species of trees. Over half of these are endemic to PNG. PNG is also home to 760 species of birds, 445 species of which dwell in the rainforest areas. Papua New Guinea boasts more parrot, pigeon and kingfisher species than anywhere else in the world. There are no less than 90 species of snakes, 170 species of lizards, 13 species of turtles, nearly 200 species of frogs, 445 species of butterflies, 250 species of mammals including the world’s largest bat, many tree kangaroos and the world’s largest species of crocodile!

The floral diversity found in Papua New Guinea is immense. For example, PNG is renowned for its enormous variety of orchids - there are 3,000 known species found here with countless varieties undoubtedly yet to be discovered.

From the rugged mountains to the coastal islands, a journey to this country is an adventure of a lifetime. This adventure will fulfill all your fantasies about PNG’S lush rainforest, magical tropical waterfalls, picturesque streams and unique species that cannot be found nowhere else on Earth. Tucked away in these lush rainforests and steep gorges are caves that have excited cavers because they were literally the first to explore them!  These caves are not frequented, meaning you could be one of the first to explore one of these caves! Visits can also be made to sacred caves that have been traditionally used for burying the dead.

Where tribal living is still the norm, and practices dating back thousands of years are still pursued, the natural attractions of this country are also not exploited and are still in their natural splendor for anyone to savor.

Village Tours in Papua New Guinea
The best way one can experience authentic Papua New Guinea is through the hospitality, stories and beautiful smiles of the Papua New Guinea people and their lifestyles.

We have a number of tour operators providing Village Tours up in the highlands and along the coastal villages. Village tours include highlights such as traditional bilum (basket) making in Madang, the traditional bride price ceremonies in East New Britain, traditional shell money (MIE) makers in New Ireland, yam harvesting in Milne Bay,  scarification for manhood in the Sepik province and ceremonial dancing in the Highlands region.

Different delicacies and food preparations can be compared around the country, as they all can be done differently according to the cultural lifestyle and the typical weather patterns experienced throughout the destination. 

Village tours in Papua New Guinea will introduce you to the different traditional food offered by the local people, their unique way of life, the different locations (surrounded by the most pristine tropical waters and the untouched nature), the warm welcome you'll receive and the friendliness given to any visitor by the local people from children to adults. 

Village tours are offered all year round as it is usually cooler up in the highland and fairly warmer on the coastal part of the country. Many village tours in Papua New Guinea occur after or before a day of diving, surfing, birdwatching, boat cruise or trekking.

Helicopter Tours in PNG

From the spectacular volcanic tours around the Simpson Harbour in Rabaul to an aerial tour of the Madang north coast and to the icons of our world famous Isurava memorial on the Kokoda trail, hold your breath and enjoy magnificent panoramic views of Papua New Guinea. Take a helicopter tour to a PNG cultural event happening in a specific province, to understand the beauty that encapsulates and defines the cultural groups from that area of the country.

Appreciate and compliment your Papua New Guinea tour with an aerial photograph of your own to remember your experience forever.

World War II Tours
The fierce fighting between the Japanese and the Allied forces during World War II has created a momentous historical story for Papua New Guinea. Today, many war relics remain scattered throughout many parts of PNG, with sunken war ships, aircrafts, tanks and bombers and cemeteries that stand as a crucial token of our respect for those who fought and passed on with honour.

Click here to read more about the history of Papua New Guinea.

Many rusting relics are visible at Lombrum, which was a huge American naval base during WWII.

East New Britain
The graves of over a thousand allied war dead are in the grounds of the Bitapaka War Cemetery, located off the coast road past Vunapope.

At Karavia Bay between Kaluana Point and Vulcan are networks of Japanese barge tunnels and tracks that date back to the war. Lined up, end-to-end are five barges in the main tunnel. Some of the 580km of tunnels built by the Japanese are still open. Aircraft wreckage is found beyond the old airport.

Reached by boat from Vanimo or rough road from Wewak, Aitape was once a German station and later used by the Japanese during WWII. Tadji Airstrip still has aircraft wreckage from the war. A B-24 Bomber stands outside Aitape High School between the airstrip and town.
East Sepik

Japanese war relics can be seen at Brandi High School, east of Cape Moem army base. Bomb craters are still visible around Boram Airport runway and the disused airport near town. The rusting remains of Japanese landing barges lie on the beach between Kreer market and the hospital.


Crucial during the war, Salamaua has war relics as well as fishing, swimming, snorkeling and walking to Coastwatcher’s Ridge. Located within the Botanical Gardens is peaceful, well-kept cemetery of young Australians, known as the Lae War Cemetery.

Most war relics and sites are scattered around Popondetta, and the coastal areas of Buna and Gona.

City Tours in Papua New Guinea

Port Moresby
Port Moresby is the heart of Papua New Guinea. Situated on the western coast of the mainland peninsula, your journey will take you to the famous Kokoda Track, the Variarata National Park and the Hiri Moale Festival. Port Moresby is a place for more than 800 languages and home to a thousand tribes with unique cultures. One can only marvel at how a city so small is so full of life, surrounded by small islands, blessed with vast cultures and a mixture of both the past, present and future lifestyle in one single environment. Not forgetting the Jackson’s International Airport as the gateway for international travelers to Papua New Guinea and the heart of the country’s domestic air services.

Lae city is the second largest industrialized city in Papua New Guinea. Here you can witness the famous Morobe Show, and discover the botanical gardens, war cemetery, amazing rainforest habitats and a mixture of arts and crafts in the local markets. Rainy Lae, as the locals say, not only offers the true colors of Papua New Guinea but the unique experience one can encounter in this land of the unexpected. A tour of the city will show you the natural beauty of this fast-developing city.

Madang is widely known as the home of the flying foxes, the city offers a variety of activities. Sightseeing,village tours, historical monuments,kayaking, diving, snorkelling, cultural singsings and island hopping, all surrounded by the Bismack Sea. Madang town offers the perfect opportunity for a tourist to travel without a fear in the world as you will be surrounded by warm welcoming smiles of locals that will enable you to sense the spirit of friendship, warmness and kindness in the heart of Madang.

A little-known town in the outskirts of Rabaul, Kokopo is home to the famous fire dance, tubuans and volcanoes that await the explorers of the world. Kokopo also offers a variety of other attractions such as visiting historical monuments, diving, cultural shows, local markets, island tours and fishing. Enjoy the opportunity to mingle with the locals on every corner of your Papua New Guinea travel and be offered a bite of their traditional food, “agir” that is so nutritious and delicious. Kokopo is the place of tropical colors through their ‘meri blaus wear’, the color of their hair, their smiles and the beautiful natural environment surrounding the town.

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