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Surfing in Papua New Guinea

Around Kavieng in the New Ireland Province are numerous reef setups which provide several good and varying surf breaks. The region directly around Kavieng has nine reef breaks, New Ireland's east and central coasts also offer the outer islands off New Ireland the same qulaity waves and variety of breaks which means consistently good surfing conditions. You have access to a variety of rights and lefts that are generally in the vicinity of 3'-5' but occasionally peak at around the 6' mark which can at times test your surf skills.
Vanimo is one of Papua New Guinea’s permier surfing locations that has lets you escape from the pressures and luxuries of life and yield to nature for a refreshing and renewing break. It has the most consistent waves are in Vanimo which range from beach breaks, point and island reef breaks. Laidback and quiet, Vanimo is a down-to-earth and simple hideaway. The surf is magnificent, and you can also try out perfect snorkeling spots.
The Ulingan surf experience allows you to get away from it all. As the Madang heat sets in on the picturesque and pristine coral beaches of Ulingan Bay, usually lone figures with their boards move to the motion of the silvery surface. Its definetly for people have an awesome zest for adventure or just want to get away from four star hotels and the organised pampering of modern society.
Port Moresby
Sero Beach: a 15 min drive from down town Port Moresby, offers easy access to a great surf break and has great facilities for a full day of sailing and surfing. There is a large shallow lagoon off the beach, which leads out to the reef break, 500 metres out. Daugo Island: 20 min Speed boat trip out of Port Moresby. Presents Kites with the best local conditions. Off the beach and over the reef there is plenty of space for those looking for flatwater fun and wave riding.
Consistent quality waves can be found along the palm tree-fringed coastline of Wewak on the northern coast of Papua New Guinea. Due to remoteness, it's pristine vacation spot and the beaches near and off Wewak town, bring in some big waves that is enjoyed by both the experienced and leisure surfing fanatic. The unprotected beaches make surfing quite popular with both locals and tourists.
Around the Milne Bay province, kite surfing has found some potential with picture perfect islands and excellent wind conditions to fills a lot of enthusiast with the trip well worth. Experience the beach breaks on one side, side shore reef breaks along several point and flat water in the sheltered bays.
Surfing and Kite Surfing in Papua New Guinea 

As a surfing destination, Papua New Guinea is relatively new to surf enthusiasts, but the breaks are quickly becoming known for providing a great challenge that will keep surfers entertained for days!

PNG has unlimited surfing potential year-round. On the southern side, 10 minutes out of Port Moresby is Sero Board Riders Club (Taurama Point) where the main barrier reef stretches along the southern seaboard all the way to the Milne Bay Province. You might be surprised to find that breaks here are just as challenging and exhilarating as in any other location. PNG has unlimited surfing potential from October to April during monsoon seasons and thousands of miles of coastline just waiting to be explored- not to mention breath taking scenery and pristine atolls. Located just south of the equator and 100 miles to the north of Australia. PNG enjoys warm warm waters and consistent waves, complemented by the rich and diverse traditional culture time of it's people in it's premier surf destinations of Vanimo, Wewak, Madang and New Ireland provinces.

Great surfing isn't all that PNG offers. The same winds that surfers enjoy also make for perfect kite surfing which is relatively undiscovered. The warm waters of PNG are uncrowded and ideal for kite enthusiasts. The reef breaks provide great action for wave rider, while the pristine blue lagoons lure flat-water fans. Visit PNG from late May through to November to take advantage of the Laurabada trade winds, providing consistent 10.25 knot winds. Kite surfers should focus their attention on the southern part of PNG. Areas around Port Moresby and Milne Bay have optimal conditions and stunning scenery. Fifteen minutes from Port Moresby, Sero beach's large lagoon gives way to a surf break 500 yards out. Daugo Island is a 20 minute boat ride from the Port and one of the best local spots to kite surf. Two hours down the coast, Hula is a large peninsula that receives the full brunt of Laurabada winds, creating the optimal environment for kite surfers.

Other surfing spots in Papua New Guinea are being explored around the Milne Bay area, Bougainville Island and the Gazelle Peninsula in the East New Britain, which has quality waves ranging from 3 to 6 feet along the coral atolls, including point and beach breaks. With consistent south east winds up to 25 knots, kite surfing is also becoming popular with conducive conditions for this fast-growing sport.

SAPNG development of surf management

The successful controlled development of Papua New Guinea tourism and benefits afforded to locals through the Surf Association Abel Reverse spiral management scheme created over the last 22 years has resulted in a unique and unprecedented approach to the creation of an equitable and sustainable surf tourism model that can be applied to other niche tourism sectors around the globe.

This model has caught the attention of the World Bank through the IFC who funded the SAPNG Strategic Master Plan. The SAPNG is now embarking on their draft stage of their Bill for an Act of Parliament known as the SAPNG Surf Management and Development Act.

Papua New Guinea accommodation and transport is readily available from Vanimo Beach Hotel, Sandaun Motel and Vanimo Surf Club located on the door step of Vanimo’s premier surf location at Lido village, with offshore conditions either on the left or right all day long depending on wind direction.

Around Kavieng in New Ireland Province are numerous reef setups which provide several good and varying surf breaks. Just off Kavieng town is Nusa Island Retreat, an environmentally low-impact facility that provides PNG accommodation, meals and boat transport to the surrounding islands. Breaks here range from 3ft to 8ft. The waves in this region and around Nusa Island Retreat, limits number of surfers staying at any one time and is often fully-booked during the surf season.


There are currently 10 Surfing Association of Papua New Guinea affiliated Surf Clubs in Papua New Guinea – Kavieng, Vanimo, Sunset, Waromo, Yako, Tupira, Sero, Central New Ireland, Dolf and Taurama.

Further information for those planning a visit to surf in Papua New Guinea can be obtained by contacting the PNG Tourism Promotion Authority in Port Moresby – Papua New Guinea (675) 3200211 or for further information on surfing in Papua New Guinea contact:

Mr. Andrew Abel (President)
P.O. Box 240
University PO, NCD.
Papua New Guinea


Click here to visit the website of the Surfing Association of Papua New Guinea (SAPNG)

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Surfing in Papua New Guinea
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