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Cultural Events in Papua New Guinea

National Mask Festival
The National Mask Festival was initially introduced in 1995 and is staged as an Annual National Event to promote the Mask Cultures of Papua New Guinea. Masks have been a feature of human civilization for thousands of years and vary from culture to culture, providing many different functions.
Crocodile Festival
Crocodiles are part of the Sepik heritage. Men and crocodile share a special bond. The Crocodile symbolize strength, power and manhood. Many boast of scares cut into their skin during initiation. The scares resembling the back of a crocodile run from the shoulder to hip. Crocodiles are significant to the Sepik culture where they have cultural traditions, beliefs and legends based on this particular animal.
Mt Hagen Cultural Show
Mt. Hagen Cultural Show was first staged in 1964 by many different tribes from Western Highlands Province. The show was for the purpose of sharing the cultural experience with each other, calming the ever-present tribal animosities and enmities by bringing all tribes together in a one cultural event to expose the positive side of life, and to celebrate the diversity of cultures among the natives.
Morobe Agri-Cultural Show
The Morobe Agri-Cultural show is an annual event hosted by the Morobe Provincial Agricultural Society, in Papua New Guinea’s second largest city. Since Lae is an industrial city, the show organizers started this show with the intention to showcase the agricultural, industrial and commercial features of the area, along with the cultural features of the province. The show has always followed from the Goroka and Mt. Hagen shows, giving tourists and inter-provincial show-goers time to visit each show.
Goroka Cultural Show
The Eastern Highlands Cultural Show which is simply known as the ‘Goroka Show’ is a significant event in the province. The show provides entertainment to the people of the Eastern Highlands and to visitors from PNG and overseas. The Goroka Show is a probably the most well-known tribal gathering and cultural event in Papua New Guinea. It is held every second year (even numbered years only), during the weekend closest to Independence Day (16th September), in the town of Goroka.
Hiri Moale Festival
The Hiri Moale Festival celebrates the epic journeys of the Motuans, re-enacting for current generations, the craft and lore of days gone by. The journeys taught people to endure hardships in life and taught the young life skills, seamanship and to get up and go and not rely on handouts. The annual Hiri voyages follow the people of the Central Province (then called the Motuan) on their journey to the Gulf of Papua, to trade with the Erema.
National Canoe & Kundu Festival
Canoes and the Kundu drums are a significant aspect of the lives of the people of Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea. Both the Canoe and the Kundu were widely used in olden times in ceremonies and rituals and were meticulously crafted from special woods under strict customs, to derive the best results and to appease the gods.

Thousands of years in the making, the culture of Papua New Guinea is unique and untouched.  In the remote villages visitors will find tribes that passionately maintain traditions through art, initiations and Sing Sings.  A Sing Sing expressing customary dance, music and traditional costume provides the opportunity for visitors to witness tribal traditions in an explosion of color and sound.  There are regular Sings Sings throughout the country.

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PNG Tourism Promotion Authority 2017 Cultural and Special Events Calendar
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Morobe Show Morobe Show
Date:  07/10/2017 
Finish Date:  08/10/2017

Location:  Morobe Province, Lae
The Morobe show is an annual event hosted by the Morobe Provincial Agricultural Society, in Papua New Guinea’s second largest city.
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Crocodile Festival Crocodile Festival
Date:  05/08/2017 
Finish Date:  07/08/2017

Location:  East Sepik Province, Wewak
This special festival celebrates one of Papua New Guinea's famous tribal heartlands and the significance of the revered crocodile - a motif throughout Sepik River culture.
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Frangipani Festival Frangipani Festival
Date:  15/09/2017 
Finish Date:  17/09/2017

The residents of Rabaul invite you to their annual Frangipani Festival: September 15th to 17th. The festival celebrates the rebirth of Rabaul after the 1994 volcanic eruptions:
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Hagen Show Hagen Show
Date:  19/08/2017 
Finish Date:  20/08/2017

Location:  Western Highlands Province, Mount Hagen
The 2017 Hagen Show is set for August 19th to 20th. Held in the Western Highlands township of Mt. Hagen, the cultural show is expected to be a rousing event.
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Kenu & Kundu Festival Kenu & Kundu Festival
Date:  04/11/2017 
Finish Date:  05/11/2017

Location:  Milne Bay Province, Alotau
Stunning traditional canoes and 'kundus' feature prominently in this exciting cultural festival held in Alotau, Milne Bay Province.
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Paiya Mini Show Paiya Mini Show
Date:  18/08/2017 
Finish Date:  18/08/2017

The Paiya Mini Show is a cultural event staged annually in Paiya Village, Western Highlands Province. The specialty show is set for August 18th in 2017.
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Goroka Show Goroka Show
Date:  15/09/2017 
Finish Date:  17/09/2017

Location:  Eastern Highlands Province, Goroka
The 2017 Goroka Show will be held September 15th to 17th. Come along and be a part of this spectacular cultural festival uniting tribes in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea.
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Kutubu Festival Kutubu Festival
Date:  22/09/2017 
Finish Date:  23/09/2017

The 2017 Kutubu Kundu and Digaso festival offers a rare treat of fascinating cultural performances from the Southern Highlands against the backdrop of the stunning Lake Kutubu.
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Enga Show Enga Show
Date:  15/09/2017 
Finish Date:  17/09/2017

The people of Enga will be celebrating their 2017 cultural show September 15th-17th in Wabag Town. Come along for a thrilling event showcasing the best of Enga and Highlands culture.
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Bilum Festival Bilum Festival
Date:  15/09/2017 
Finish Date:  17/09/2017

Karkar Island Bilum Festival: See bilum-weaving displays, arts, crafts and colorful singsings - experience Karkar Island at this unique festival in Madang Province.
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