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Papua New Guinea Brochures, Guides and Maps

Papua New Guinea Visitor Guide

Papua New Guinea Visitor Guide

The Papua New Guinea Experience can never be found anywhere else in the world, and those who visit our rich and culturally diverse country are always enchanted by its magical cultural heritage and natural wonders.

A place of drama and solitude, Papua New Guinea offers everything from traditional village-style accommodation to luxury hotels or cruises on modern live-aboard vessels.

Go trekking in untouched virgin forests, visit during one of the cultural festivals for a cultural experience or just be at peace with nature.

For your next holiday destination choose Papua New Guinea.

Please note that the visa information contained within our brochures do not reflect the current circumstances in relation to the availability and cost of visas.  Please see our Passport and Visa for current information.

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A Thousand Different Cultures of Papua New Guinea

A Thousand Different Cultures of Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea's culture is extremely diverse.  The traditional Melanesian cultures - more than 200 have been identified - are kept alive in elaborate rituals involving death, feasts, marriages, compensation ceremonies and initiation rites.

The authentic culture of Papua New Guinea attracts collectors, photographers and artists from all over the world.

Major shows and events are held in the four regions of Papua New Guinea - the Highlands, Momase, New Guinea Islands and the Southern region every year.

Smaller events are also organized throughout the year by tour operators, educational institutions, church groups and communities.

See our Cultural Events for forthcoming cultural festivals in Papua New Guinea.

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Wonderful Birds of Papua New Guinea

Wonderful Birds of Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is home to about 800 species of birds and has proven to be a birdwatchers paradise.

Of the 41 species of Bird of Paradise, 31 are found in Papua New Guinea.

Other extraordinary bird species found in Papua New Guinea include the Hooded Pitohui, the worlds first poisonous bird, cassowaries which stand to 18 metres high, crowned pigeons the size of a turkey, and countless more.

The vast tropical rainforest of Papua New Guinea provides the perfect habitat for a wide variety of bird life

The variety of locations available in Papua New Guinea provides endless opportunity for birdwatchers.

Birding is available throughout the country from coastal and island locations right up to the rugged peaks of our Highlands with diversity of birdlife throughout PNG.

Some of the favorite places for birding are at Tari Gap, Varirata National Park, Mount Hagen, Kiunga and West New Britain.

See our Birdwatching for more information.

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A Thousand Different Dives in Papua New Guinea

A Thousand Different Dives in Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea is home to some of the world's most spectacular diving and has twice as many marine species as the waters of the Red Sea and up  to ten times as many as the Caribbean.

PNG has become known as an 'underwater photographer's paradise' with many award winning photos taken in PNG waters.

Significantly, PNG is located in the coral triangle of marine diversity with the highest array of tropical fish and coral in the world.  From tiny colorful nudibranchs to the magnificent whale shark, divers encounter a variety of species.

The immense diversity of dive sites include barrier reefs, coral walls (drop-offs), fringing reefs, sea grass beds and coral atolls.  Wreck dive sites provide a collection of ships and aircraft from World War Two.

PNG has its own hyperbaric recompression facility located in Port Moresby which is supported by all members of the PNG Divers Association (PNGDA).

See our Diving for more information.

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A Hundred Different Treks in Papua New Guinea

 A Hundred Different Treks in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea has long been a popular destination for trekking, mountain climbing and bushwalking, and is home to the world-famous Kokoda Track.

With over 5 million people living in Papua New Guinea and less than 50 thousand motor vehicles it not hard to imagine that walking is the main mode of transportation!

Consequently there are hundreds of tracks to be enjoyed by everyone from a casual adventurer to the most experienced trekker.

Located in the centre of the Asia-Pacific region Papua new Guinea's location, isolation and dramatic landscapes all lead to the perfect setting for trekking.

Papua New Guinea is a country of adventure where you can enjoy experiences found no other place on earth.

See our Trekking for more information.

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A Hundred Different Surf Breaks in Papua New Guinea


 A Hundred Different Surf Breaks in Papua New Guinea

As a surf destination, Papua New Guinea is new to surfing enthusiasts.

PNG enjoys warm waters and consistent waves, complemented by the rich traditional culture of its people. 

You might be surprised to find that breaks here are just as challenging and exhilarating as in any other location.

PNG has unlimited surfing potential from October to April during monsoon seasons and thousands of miles of coastline just waiting to be explored - not to mention breath taking scenery and pristine coral atolls.

PNG is using a cutting edge approach to surf tourism.  Known as the Surf Management Plan (SMP) this arrangement benefits local communities and protects the environment.

See our Surfing for more information.

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Papua New Guinea Visitor Map

Papua New Guinea Visitor Map

This handy visitor map provides useful travel information about Papua New Guinea.

Find PNG hot spots in for exciting key activities like birdwatching, cruising, cycling, diving, fishing, kayaking, surfing, trekking and more.

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