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Bird Watching in Papua New Guinea


Brown Lory, Johbi Manucode, Rufous Monarch, Variable Pitohui, Black-browed Triller, Broad-billed Fairy-wren, Yellow-bellied Longbill, Edward's Fig-parrot, Pale-billed Sickledbill, King Bird of Paradise, Lesser Bird of Paradise, Northern Cassowary & Red-legged Brush-turkey

Salvadori's Teal, Carola's Paroitia, Beautiful Fruit-dove, Dusky Lory, Striated Lorikeet, Pesquet's Parrot, Red-breasted Pygmy-parrot, Orange-breasted Fig-parrot, Blue-collared Parrot, Shovel-billed Kingfisher, Golden Cuckoo-Shrike, Chestnut-backed Jewel-babbler, Wallace's Fairy-wren, White-rumped Robin, Obscure Berrypecker, Western Mountain White-eye, Mountain Peltops, Greater Melmpitta, Magnificent Riflebird & Magnificent Bird of Paradise

Long-tailed Buzzard, Southern Crowned Pigeon, Collared Imperial-pigeon, Yellow-streaked Lory, Pesquet's Parrot, Blue Jewel-babbler, Rufous Babbler, Emperor Fairy-wren, White-bellied Pitohui, Yellow-eyed Starling, Flame Bowerbird, Large Fig-parrot, Yellow-capped Pygmy-parrot, Common Paradise-kingfisher, Hook-billed Kingfisher, Glossy-mantled Manucode, Trumpet Manucode, King Bird of Paradise, Twelve-wired Bird of Paradise & Greater Bird of Paradise
Bensbach River

Great-billed Heron, Black-necked Stork, Magpie Goose, Brolga Fly River Grassbird, Australian Bustard, Spotted Whistling-duck, Collared Imperial-pigeon, Orange-breasted Fig-parrot, Spangled Kookaburra, Fawn-breasted Bowerbird & Glossy-mantled Manucode
Karawari & Middle Sepik River

Dusky Lory, Blyth's Hornbill, Papuan Harrier, Black-browed Triller, Grand Mannikin, Edward's Fig-parrot, Lesser Black Coucal, Spotted Whistling-duck, New Guinea Scrubfown, Red-legged Brush-turkey, Victoria Crowned Pigeon, Glossy-mantled Manucode & Twelve-wired Bird of Paradise
Tari (Including Ambua Lodge)

Forbes's Forest-rail, Papuan Lorikeet, Whiskered Lorikeet, Yellow-billed Lorikeet, Orange-billed Lorikeet, Red-breasted Pygmy-parrot, Brehm's Tiger-parrot, Painted Tiger-parrot, Papuan King-parrot, Scooty Owl, Papuan Boobook, Mountain Yellow-billed Kingfisher, Spotted Jewel-babbler, Blue-capped Ifrita, Garnet Robin, Lesser Ground-robin, Wattled Ploughbill, Yellow-browed Honeyeataer, Tit Berrypecker, New Guinea Wood-swallow, Archbold's Bowerbird, Lesser Melampitta, Loria's Bird of Paradise, Short-tailed Paradigalla, Ribbon-tailed Astrapia, Stahphnie's Astrapia, Lawes' Parotia, King of Saxony Bird of Paradise, Superb Bird of Paradise, Black sicklebill, Brown sicklebill & Blue Bird of Paradise
Mt. Hagen (Including Kumul Lodge)

Papuan harrier, Chestnut Forest-rail, Goldie's Lorikeet, Papuan Lorikeet, Whiskered Lorikeet, Yellow-billed Lorikeet, Orange-billed Lorikeet, Brehm's Tiger-parrot, Mountain Owlet-nightjar, Black-breasted Boatbill, River Flycatcher, White-winged Robin, Regent Whistler, Rufous-naped Whistler, Black Sittella, Belford's Honeyeater, Common Smoky Honeyeater, Grey-streaked Honeyeater, Red-collared Honeyeater, Fan-tailed Berrypecker, Crested Berrypecker, Mountain Firetail, Yellow-breasted Bowerbird, Crested Bird of Paradise, Ribbon-tailed Astrapia, King of Saxony Bird of Paradise, Brown Sicklebill & Lesser Bird of Paradise
Lorengau (Manus Island)

Manus Boobook, Superb Pitta, Manus Friabird, Meek's Pygmy-parrot, Admiralty Pied Monarch, Claret-breasted Fruit-dove & Black-headed White-eye
Madang & Alderbert Mt.

Brown Lory, Dusky Lory, Viriable Pitohui, Rusty Pitohui, Rufous Babbler, New Guinea Scrubfowl, Coroneted Fruit-dove, Pinon Imperial-pigeon, Buff-faced Pygmy-parrot, Moustached Tree-swift, Common Paradise-kingfisher, Black-browed Triller, Blue Jewel-babbler, Brown-Capped Jewel-babbler, Ochre-collared Monarch, Yellow-bellied Longbill, Lowland Peltops, Crinkle-collared Manucode, Fire-maned Bowerbird, King Bird of Paradise, Magnificent Bird of Paradise & Lesser Bird of Paradise

Goldie's Lorikeet, Black Sittella, Ornate Honeyeater, Lessar Melampitta, Little Red Lorikeet, Whiskered Lorikeet, Streaked Berrypecker, Spotted Berrypecker, Crested Berrypecker, Red-breasted Pygmy-parrot, Feline Owlet-nighjar, Blue-capped Ifrita, Bicoloured Mouse-warbler, White-winged Robin, Wattled Ploughbill, Loria's Bird of Paradise, Stephanie's Astrapia, King Saxony Bird of Paradise, Superb Bird of Paradise & Brown Sicklebill
Wasu (Huon Peninsula)

Little Red Lorikeet, Beach Kingfisher, Blue-capped Ifrita, Black-breasted Boatbill, Mottled Whistler, Varied Pitohui, Spangled Honeyeater, Tit Berrypecker, Huon Bowerbird, Huon Astrapia, Wahnes' Parotia, Emperor Bird of Paradise, Cinnamon-browed Honeyeater & Huon Melidectes Honeyeater
Wau & Satop

Wattled Brush-turkey, Little Red Lorikeet, Blue-Collared Parrot, Garnet Robin, Wattled Ploughbill, Streak Berrypecker, Spotted Berrypecker, Papuan Parrot-finch, Rufescent Imperial-pigeon, Macgregor's Bowerbird, Stephanie's Astrapia, Lawe's Parotia, Superb Bird of Paradise, Brown Sicklebill, Buff-tailed Sicklebill, Magnificent Bird of Paradise & Raggiana Bird of Paradise
Port Moresby

Spotted Whistling-duck, Grey-bellied longbill, Black Berrypecker, Grey-headed Mannkin, Papuan Frogmough, Barred Owlet-nightjar, Brown-headed-Paradise-kingfisher, Lesser Yellow-billed Kingfisher, Yellow-breasted Boatbill, White-bellied Whistler, Hooded Pitohui, Orange-fronted Fruit-dove, Eastern Graceful Honeyeater, Fawn-breasted Bowerbird, Crinkle-collared Manucode & Raggiana Bird of Paradise
Kavieng & Central New Ireland

Finsch's Imperial-pigeon, Black Imperial-pigeon, White-naped Lory, Red-chinned Lorikeet, Green Pygmy-parrot, Song Parrot, New Ireland Boobook, Paradise Drongo, Bismarck Pied Monarch, Lesser shinning Flycatcher, New Ireland Friarbird, New Ireland Honeyeater, Red-tinted Honeyeater, Black-headed White-eye, Hunstein's Mannikin, New Ireland Mannikin & White-backed Wood-swallow
Kokopo & Gazelle Peninsula, (East New Britain)

New Britain Buzzard, Finch's Imperial-pigeon, Black Imperial-pigeon, Red-chinned Lorikeet, Song Parrot, Violaceous Coucal, White-mantled Kingfisher, Bismark Rufous Fantail, Bismarck Pied Monarch, Lesser Shinning Flycatcher, Black-headed White-eye & White-backed Wood-swallow
Walindi & Garu

Melanesian Scrubfowl, Nicobar Pigeon, Pied Coucal, Song Parrot, Beach Kingfisher, Island Monarch, Ashy Honeyeater, Red-knobbed Fruit-dove, Red-knobbed Imperial-pigeon, Finsch's Imperial-pigeon, Island Imperial-pigeon, Blue-eyed Cockatoo, Eastern Black-capped Lory, Buff-faced Pygmy-parrot, Violaceous Coucal, New Britain Boobook, Bismarck Kingfisher, Black-headed Paradise-kingfisher, White-mantled Kingfisher, Bismarck Pied Monarch, Lesser Shinning Flycatcher, New Britain Friarbird, New Britain Red-headed Honeyeater, Scarlet-bibbed Honeyeater, Bismarck Flowerpecker, Buff-bellied Mannikin, Melanesian Myna & White-backed Wood-swallow
Fergusson Island

Claret-breasted Fruit-dove, Pinon Imperial-pigeon, Eastern Black-capped Lory, Buff-faced Pygmy-parrot, Golden Monarch, Grey-bellied Longbill, Curl-crested Manucode & Goldie's Bird of Paradise
Arawa & Panguna (Bougainville)

Sanford's Eagle, Pied Goshawk, Melanesian Scrubfown, Woodford's Rain, Crested Cuckoo-dove, Mackinlay's Cuckoo-dove, Yellow-bibbed Fruit-dove, Claret-breasted Fruit-dove, Pale Mountain-pigeon, Solomons Cockatoo, Cardinal Lory Meek's Lorikeet, Duchess Lorikeet, Finsch's Pygmy-parrot, Song Parrot, Fearful Owl, Solomons Boobook, Solomons Frogmouth, Ultramarine Kingfisher, Solomons Cuckoo-shrike, Melanesian Cuckoo-shrike, Bougainville Thicket-Warbler, Odedi Warbler, White-winged Fantail, Brown Fantail, Bougainville Thicket-warbler, Odedi Warbler, White-winged Fantail, Brown Fantail, Bougainville Monarch, Steel-blue Flycatcher, Bougainville Honeyeater, Scarlet-naped Honeyeater, Solomons Flowerpecker & more...
Papua New Guinea is a bird watchers paradise! There are many locations throughout PNG where you can see the beautiful species of birds in Papua New Guinea, including the different species of the famous Birds of Paradise - found only in PNG. For a handy guide to our amazing birds of paradise, click A Pocket Guide to Birds of Paradise of Papua New Guinea.

The variety of locations available in Papua New Guinea provides endless opportunity for birdwatchers. It is understood that PNG is home to such a thriving bird population due to specific habitats and climates favoured by our endemic species and the lack of predatory animals that would otherwise threaten numbers.

Birding is available throughout the country from coastal and island locations right up to the rugged peaks of our highlands with diversity of bird life. PNG is particularly famous for endemic species such as the Raggiana and Blue Birds of paradise and rare find including the Fire maned Bowerbird.

Visitors are excited by the prospect of sighting any special species from the enigmatic Crested Berrypecker to the elusively rare Beck's Petrel to the stunning Victoria Crowned Pigeon.

Birding Seasons- Tours Operators run specific birding tours mainly during the dry season, from June to October, however independent birding journeys are available anytime.

Click the points on the Papua New Guinea map above to learn more about which magnificent and rare birds you can see in certain parts of PNG.

Birds are found everywhere, including the City.  The PNG Tourism Promotion Authority with support from the National Capital District Commission have released a mini-pocket guide to the Birds of Port Moresby.  Some 400 species of birds have been found in the environs of Port Moresby, within two-and-a-half hours drive of the City.
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