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Trekking in Papua New Guinea

Lark Force Wilderness Track
(Bainings area to Open Bay)
The Lark Force Wilderness Track is an adventure of a lifetime experience that covers trekking through the mountain ranges of Baining in East New Britain Province. The trek experience was named in honour of the Australian millitary garrison who were tragically left to escape a far superior Japanese army during their occupation of Rabaul in January 1942. This trek will lead you down a path that enriches your appreciation for the Baining culture that exists along the track.
Mt. Wilhelm
4509 meters above sea level
Mount Wilhelm provides an icon trekking experience for PNG. The climb is able to be undertaken by fit bushwalkers and takes climbers to the summit of the highest mountain in PNG, with spectacular views both north and south. The track is a simple footpath through the forest floor, with log steps and other simple construction in some places and is often undertaken over two days, usually recommended only for fit climbers.
Black Cat Track
(Wau to Salamaua)
The Black Cat Track runs between Salamaua and Wau in the Morobe Province. It is a forgotten World War Two trail that passes through very difficult and hazardous terrain. It includes river crossings, swamps, cliffs, trees that are fallen, moss covered rocks and treacherous ledges. This makes the Black Cat one of the toughest tracks in PNG and in the world.
Kokoda Track - 96km
(Owers Corner to Kokoda)
The Kokoda Track is a native footpath that traverses the rugged peaks of the Owen Stanley Ranges, and it was here that an in-experienced, ill-equipped, outnumbered Australian force faced the might of the Japanese army. As well as their opposition, both nations faced the problems of conducting a war in the extremely inhospitable Papua New Guinea jungle, an environment that inflicted casualties without favour.
With over 5 million people living in Papua New Guinea and less than 50 thousand motor vehicles it is not hard to imagine that walking is the main mode of transportation. Consequently there are hundreds of tracks to be enjoyed by everyone from the casual adventurer to the most experienced trekker. Located in the centre of the Asia-Pacific region Papua New Guinea's location, isolation & dramatic landscape all lead to the perfect setting for trekking!

Papua New Guinea has long been a popular destination for trekking, mountain climbing and bushwalking, and is home to the world-famous Kokoda Track.

With largely unspoilt mountains, rivers and forest, as well as many significant war relic sites (as PNG was the focus of much attention in World War II), Papua New Guinea is an ideal place for both the fit trekking enthusiast or the weekend bushwalker. With professional Papua New Guinea tour operators and overnight treks, through to scenic bush walks that take just a few hours, PNG has something for every level of fitness.

Being largely unserviced by the tourism industry, the trekking, bush walking and adventure market in Papua New Guinea has great potential. Most centres in PNG can produce treks and bushwalks of undeniable world-class quality and beauty. 

The Highlands region is famous for its tall mountains, with scores of readily accessible peaks. Mt Wilhelm at 4509 metres, is the most popular target for Papua New Guinea mountain climbers with good road access to Kegsugl village from Kundiawa and National Park huts for climbers to stay in. The Mt. Wilhelm region has recently been the focus of PNG Tourism Promotion Authority-sponsored guide training activities and is becoming increasingly popular with individual and guided trekkers visiting Papua New Guinea. Whilst being accessible, Mt Wilhelm is not easy and guides should always be taken to assist climbers.

From the central Highlands city of Mt. Hagen, the towering peaks of Mt. Giluwe and Mt. Ialibu (both volcanic plugs) are accessible for trekkers. Mt. Hagen, Mt Ongo, Mt Kubor and Mt Kine Kaino Ku are also all accessible tracks and both the Bismarck and Kubor Ranges offer great trekking.

Goroka is also a centre for several good climbs with Mt. Michael and Mt. Gahavisuka being accessible.

If you’re after a serious trekking experience, take the route from the highlands town of Kompiam in Enga province to the Yuat River in East Sepik province. From here canoes will take you to Angoram. This 15 day hard trek is only for the most experienced, fit trekkers and several Papua New Guinea tour companies are available to assist trekkers during their expedition.

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Kokoda Track
Papua New Guinea is most famous for the legendary Kokoda Track. Known as one of the world’s most spectacular and challenging treks, the Kokoda Track traverses the rugged Owen Stanley Ranges in Papua New Guinea. With its exceptional biodiversity and natural landscape, thousands of trekkers experience the physically challenging 96km walk every year making the iconic Kokoda Track PNG’s most visited land-based tourism attraction and an important source of national and local income.

Each year trekkers brave the mountainous terrain, meet with Koiari and Orokaiva people living a traditional lifestyle, explore the dense rainforests and follow the footsteps of Australian soldiers and the Papua New Guinean Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels who guided them during WWII.

Trekking Experience

The Track can be walked from either direction from Kokoda to Owers’ Corner, between 5 - 9 days depending on fitness. In terms of PNG accommodation at the track, there are a number of basic guesthouses and well groomed campsites along the Track, and with some villages selling fruit and vegetables to passing trekkers. Owers’ Corner is about an hour’s drive from Port Moresby and the road is accessible for all vehicle types. A day trip to Owers’ Corner with a short trek (40 minutes) to Goldie River is a great option for those visiting Port Moresby in  Papua New Guinea.

Choosing the right group to travel with is an important decision, as they will guide you through the preparation, the experience and safety procedures. The Kokoda Track Authority (KTA) provides a full listing of licensed tour operators on their website.

The Kokoda Track Authority

The Kokoda Track and surrounding region is owned by the local landowners. Their interests are looked after by the Kokoda Track Authority, responsible for managing the Track and trekking industry.

The KTA administer Trek Permits that must be purchased by all trekkers visiting the Kokoda Track, whether you are undertaking an independent trek or a trek with an organised tour.

For further information contact the Kokoda Track Authority
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